Sales Strategy and Delivery

Many companies fail, not because they don’t have a great product or idea but because they don’t know how to get their product to market. The team at Sikuli has been defining, designing and delivering successful sales strategies for more than 15 years.

We differentiate ourselves by helping, or totally managing, the sales function within our client’s businesses; delivering on our strategies and commitments whilst continually tweaking and refining the proposition as needed.

Building the ‘Sales Dream Team’

Even the best strategy can be useless without the right people to deliver it, and not all companies can afford a fully fledged sales team of the right calibre. A team like this might include a Sales Director, Presales, Telemarketing and Account Management, but in reality, a not all of them are needed full time, especially when in start up mode, or when testing a new market, idea or product.

The Sales Director, for example, may only be properly utilised 25% of the time, the Account Manager 15%, the Telemarketer 75% and presales 40% of the time. Alternatively, a company might start by hiring an expensive Sales Director who spends only 20% of his time selling at ‘C’ Level, and the rest setting appointments, generating leads, managing accounts and doing administration. This is not an effective use of his time or your resources.

At Sikuli, you have access to a tried and tested team of sales professionals with a proven track record in delivering success for our Clients. But we believe that you should only pay for the time you need, when you need it, and never have to compromise on quality.

Our MissionThe easiest, most enjoyable, most successful business experience.


Services OverviewThe Right Resource, The Right Skill Set, The Right Time, The Right Cost

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