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At Sikuli, our primary service offering is Business on Demand. We help individuals and organisations achieve the potential of innovative ideas by helping them define, design, deliver and develop the most appropriate business and sales strategies. We ensure the greatest levels of return on their investment by also providing the best possible management, sales, operational, technical, financial and administrative support.

Our Services

- Business Set up

- Management

- Sales

- Operational

- Technical

- Project

- Financial

- Admin

Most organisations need all of those functions but, especially in start-up phase, they often have to compromise on the headcount, quality or capability due to restricted budget. However, at various stages of a company’s development, it does not actually need all the functions all of the time.

For example – a company might need the best CFO money can buy but only for three critical meetings a month; the rest of the finance function could be delivered by a competent Financial Controller and a good administration assistant. Even these roles aren’t required 100% of the time.

Or, a business might have a great product but isn’t closing the big deals. A Sales Director with 20 years’ experience is needed to close the bigger deals but the company is in start-up mode and only needs him for 5 days a month. The rest of the sales function could be delivered by telemarketing, account management and presales.

In both examples, Sikuli would provide the CFO, Financial Controller, Business Administrator, Sales Director, Account Management, Telemarketing and Presales at a flexible cost. The team would be made up of the best people in their respective fields – people who would normally be hard to find, and harder to recruit.

Our MissionThe easiest, most enjoyable, most successful business experience.


Services OverviewThe Right Resource, The Right Skill Set, The Right Time, The Right Cost

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